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First elk seen in South Carolina since the 1700s
Thu, 27 Oct 2016 10:39:24 GMT
South Carolina ratified the U.S. Constitution on May 23, 1788, just as wild elk were disappearing from the state's lush upstate forests. It turns out that all it took to end the 200-plus-year absence was a search for female companionship.

Modest gains, but US students still lag in science learning
Thu, 27 Oct 2016 10:37:16 GMT
To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: WASHINGTON - The vast majority of U.S. students still lack a solid grasp of science despite some modest gains by fourth and eighth graders, especially girls and minorities. The 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress, often called the Nation's Report Card, released Thursday shows only about a third of fourth and eighth graders demonstrated strong academic performance in the sciences.

GOP's Greitens wants to change how Missouri picks judges
Thu, 27 Oct 2016 10:36:07 GMT
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Greitens supports a Tennessee procedure that gives the governor and Legislature more influence in picking judges. He believes the current system gives trial lawyers too much influence on judicial appointments.

2 soldiers being held in connection to disappearance of Ft. Campbell soldier
Thu, 27 Oct 2016 10:31:29 GMT
The Army says two Fort Campbell soldiers are being held as "persons of interest" in another soldier's disappearance nearly two months ago. Fort Campbell didn't identify these soldiers, and says law enforcement at the Army post straddling the Kentucky-Tennessee line are continuing to investigate the disappearance of Pfc.

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